Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Demetri Giotas, Animal Care Provider

Small Animal Care

My name is Demetri Giotas.  I have been an Animal Care Provider with Coastal Pet Sitting since April of 2019.  My love for animals began with the German Shepherd that I grew up with, Zegan.  I always enjoyed the company of a companion, and treasured the time I spent with him. After Zegen  passed, my family got two cats, Ollie and Cooper, who lived with us for many years. During that time, I cared for our cats, feeding them, keeping water in their bowls, cleaning the litter boxes, and playing with them. As time went on, I developed a love for animals that I never could have seen coming. After Ollie and Cooper, we adopted another pair of Egyptian Maus, Jasmine and Dexter.

Since I was too young to take care of my first dog, I learned how to care for dogs through my grandmother. She would need help taking care of her dogs, black and yellow labs.  My pet care extended to friends of the family whenever they needed their pets watched. I find I have a connection with dogs, and always end up smiling to myself while playing with them.

I did not expect to be doing animal care for work, however it hardly feels like work when you enjoy what you’re doing. Every day I look forward to tending to the pets needs, and making sure their quality of life is elevated.  Despite how routine the work can get, I always ensure to give the animals the affection that they need, as animal care is void without it.

I graduated from Exeter High School in 2016.  My most recent job was manager at GNC.  Along with my passion for animals, I enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music. Although I started  with Coastal Pet Sitting in April 2019, I foresee lengthy employment with this wholesome, and attentive company.