Does your groomer scale your pets teeth?

It is important to get your dog groomed at least every 8 weeks.  Some breeds require more and some may require less.  Grooming gets out the dead hair and washes away the mud, dirt, pollens and molds.  Many people tell me that their groomer also “scrapes” their dog’s teeth.  This actually does more harm than good.  Scraping or “scaling” creates a rough surface on your dog’s tooth, which makes it easier for bacteria to adhere.  I recommend telling your groomer that you will pass on this service.  The best way to rid your dog of tartar is to have a veterinarian perform a professional cleaning.  They will use an ultrasonic scaler followed up by a polishing.  This creates a smooth surface, detering bacteria.  Many veterinarians will also perform dental radiographs to make sure the teeth and jaw are healthy.

At home prevention is key.  Daily brushing with a pet safe toothpaste is ideal, but there are many alternatives.  Dental chews with enzymes embedded are effective, but not all dogs can handle chews.  There are dental treats, washes, toys, etc…that can also aid in preventing tartar.

For more information, contact your veterinary health care professional.